Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Twitter announced the ability to have lists!

So why do we care that we can use lists for Twitter?

Folks, it’s our human nature to make lists. Grocery store list, Christmas lists, Household lists. Our famous to-do lists….We love lists! Now we can group are interests for our community, business, and personal life on twitter in lists. Now we can see the power of following the content we find relevant to our needs. Now it’s not about what you had for breakfast it’s about what we want to achieve today and how we can leverage the power of our community to achieve your list.

Let me give you an example. Everyday we wake up and in most cases have a routine. Workout, eat, work, interact, eat, work, interact, eat, work interact, family time and go to bed. Now we have the power to share with our communities the challenges and success we have on a daily basis in many ways. Twitter now has some structure and we love structure. Some of you may say, SO WHAT! Somewhere along this daily journey we need to buy things. Studies show us we trust family and friends more than anything. So now we can quickly reach people we think matter and make decisions based on the feedback. All our experiences can be shared and will allow us to read, listen, ask questions and interact on subjects with like minded people in our community. The larger your following is on Twitter the more desirable you become to product owners.

Start thinking about your community and how you can use your Twitter lists.

Happy twittering!

By Kyle McGuffin

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