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Kindness in a grocery lineup -

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Inspiration to believe in ourselves and achieve!

As we interact on a daily basis we seem to run into the person that has given up. Let’s never forget that at one point in our lives we have failed and may have had these same feelings. But let’s not also forget how we picked ourselves back up and made it happen by some type of an event that empowered us to believe and achieve. We need failure to succeed.

We are all on this planet together like it or not. It is our duty to help our colleagues when asked because that’s the way our universe works. This is why family’s so important and never should be taken for granite. We live in a “me” society but it’s not about you it’s about all of us combining forces to the cause of good. Everyday we see people becoming hero’s and it is great that the media has recognized we have had enough fear and bad news. Now is the time to share only heart moving and inspiring stories of people like you and me removing all obstacles and achieving.

Recently in my network of family and friends we lost a young man to cancer. Unfortunately I’m sure many families have suffered this type of loss. I will never forget this young man sharing with my daughter why he could not attend her birthday party. He shared that he was going to another party and wished her a great birthday. In actuality he was going to have another round of chemo therapy.

On behalf of Jesse and the people that have inspired us to never give up,

Thank You!

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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TD banking on branches - - Thank You TD for listening to Canadians and giving us people service vs pressing buttons for 20 minutes! ( )

Saturday, October 24, 2009 Some Brands Have Good Ideas For Social Media. Do You?
Look at What Works For the Brands You Use
By Chris Crum. Keep it genuine and real and you get results. Enjoy!

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10 Proven Applications For Social Media
8 Comments and 194 Reactions | Posted by Adam Singer on Oct 20th, 2009 in Online Marketing, Social Media. Adam Singer makes it easy for you and your brand to get started in social media.
Sweet Success - ( )

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Wading in to Social Media? Get a comfortable start by sharing content ( )

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Ray Kurzweil tells us about his vision of the Singuarlity—a point around 2045 when computers will acquire full-blown artificial intelli...
Lessons learned from the King of taking a chance. Richard Branson shares how he does it.

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7 free/cheap ways to promote your business
Posted 2 hours ago and seen 640 times

More Marketing, Branding, and Sales tips.

Marketing has never been cheaper than right now because of Twitter,Facebook, email, and blogs. In fact, you flunk the IQ, much less EQ (entrepreneur’s quotient), test if you need a big marketing budget. Luckily, Dumb Little Man has come up with a list of seven free or cheap ways to promote your business.

By Guy Kawasaki.
This is unbelievable. These guys are pros for a reason. Enjoy! Thanks Guy!

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Make it a great day! (Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians)

As I went on my run today I realized that I'm not practicing what I preach. I have spent the last year researching social media and the power of engagement and the web. One thing that we have had a huge hunger for has been traditional news. With the globalization of the web and social media we no longer allow information to be dictated too us. Folks this is powerful. For the first time in the overflow of news we can choose to engage in the news we want to read about. We can choose to subscribe to the Google reader info we want to learn more. We can choose to blog or subscribe to the blogs of our choice. What does all this mean? Every day we have a choice to look at the positive or negative of every situation. In our universe we have people looking at the same thing choosing to look at the information in a positive or negative manner. I want all of us to take this day before Thanksgiving (Canada) to make a pledge for one day to look at only the positive of your situations and see what starts happening in your life. I did! Enjoy!

I want to wish all my Canadian friends and family Happy Thanksgiving! Your dreams and inspirations are what we choose to make happen. The choice is yours. Make the positive choice a standard in your life right now.

Make it a great day!

Grandma Betty we are all here for you and wish you all the love and happiness to a full recovery from your surgery!

I want to thank all my friends and family for your love and support. Special thanks to Bobby-Jo who was my inspiration for this blog. Thank you for being in my life. XOXOXO

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Have you mastered Twitter. Sharing amazing Twitter Tips. Thanks Dainaz!
Opera composed on Twitter to be staged in London - (

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So how do we take Web 2.0 to the next level...?
Web 3.0 is defined as the creation of high-quality content and services produced by gifted individuals using Web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform.

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Even social media has limits. Make sure you don't forget yours with your customers and friends. Great article.
Folks it all comes back to trust when you build your social media strategy. Enjoy!
A Social media's success formula
Influence and trust will be key factors for Google and Microsoft to consider as they enter the social media fray with Facebook and Twitter.

Andrew Keen is @ajkeen on Twitter
Published: 2:25PM BST 30 Sep 2009

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Best Ways to Have Your Video Go Viral!

Folks came across these great tips to think about your own video message. Get started today.

Nowadays, making a short video about your business can be cheap and easy. But getting sustained buzz for it amid the digital din of other viral videos is tougher.

Before you hit “record,” ask yourself how you can effectively use this platform to get your business’s message across to the masses. Are you trying to entertain or educate? Should your tone be funny or informative? Is there a way for people to learn more about your company once the minute-or-so clip is done, such as an information box on the video platform? Keep in mind that the main purpose of your video isn’t just for a laugh or two, but to build awareness about your company, drive traffic to your Web site and – if done well – generate new sales.

Here are the three best ways to make a viral video:
1. Keep in mind your target audience. Jet Luxury Resorts LLC, a Las Vegas condo-hotel management company, knows its customers: rich, older folks seeking an adventure in Sin City. After doing some research, Chief Operating Officer Steve Aylsworth decided that three themes would resonate with viral video viewers: fear, humor or sex. In April, the company launched its “Bright Side of Life” video , which received 250,000 views in a week. It shows a bare-chested young man having the time of his life in a Las Vegas penthouse with a bevy of scantily-clad women. A twist at the end – it’s actually a dream sequence, and the main character is rather geriatric – made potential customers laugh, he says. The video was such a success that it was chosen for a TBS special called “World’s Funniest Commercials of 2009,” shown in primetime in June.

“We wanted to achieve two things: increase sales and increase our brand recognition,” Mr. Aylsworth says. By May, its Web site saw a 50% spike in traffic, and the company generated a 20% increase in revenue – both of which Mr. Aylsworth attributes in large part to the video.

2. Rely on others to do the heavy lifting. If you don’t know what kind of video to make, why not piggyback on the creativity of the folks who love to do it? That’s what Cosmedicine Co. Inc. of New York did. It recently launched an online video competition called the “Protest Beauty B.S. Contest” to spoof the claims that skincare companies make in ads. Anyone could upload a mock commercial on YouTube for a chance to win $5,000 in cash. So far, Cosmedicine has received between 35 and 40 video entries, featuring everything from sunless tanner for vampires to pain-free leg wax. “This was a way for us to create viral marketing and get hopefully a lot of focus and attention … on the core values of our brand,” says Jane Terker, president of Cosmedicine, which claims its products are independently, clinically proven.

Diane DiResta, owner and chief executive of DiResta Communications Inc. of New York, took the idea further by using existing viral videos to make a point about her company’s service. With help from a marketing company, she spotlighted communication blunders made by George Bush , Sarah Palin and others. At the end of the ready-made viral videos came her company name, her Web site and the tag line: “We can help.” Her company assists corporate executives with their communication and presentation skills.

“The video itself says it all,” she says.

3. Use tech shortcuts to spread the word. Your video is only as good as the eyes who’ve seen it. The goal is to reach as many viewers as possible, so it needs to be picked up by bloggers and passed along by individual fans. Mike Matuska, owner of, a Pelham Manor, N.Y., maker of 8-foot-tall stuffed animals, says he uses, which automatically distributes his videos to about 100 video-sharing sites. He also posts the video to his Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts as “it’s not like you get a huge amount from [any] one place.” The average hits on his videos range from 1,000 to 20,000; although one video about an 18-foot snake plush-toy has collected close to a quarter of a million hits. Other sites to consider for automatic video distribution are and, says Jeff Glasson, director of social media for PerkettPR Inc. of Boston.

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Three Top Ways to Damage Your Brand With Social Media
by whatsnextblog on 09/24/2009