Thursday, July 30, 2009

How you can use LinkedIn to meet new customers?

I'm fascinanted with the power of social media. Since experts predict by 2014 this industry will be 3.1B as entreprenurs we must be ready to add value in this new world of globalization. Last week I reached out to an executive at a major financial institution. You maybe saying so what? I never used a microsoft product and I got an immediate response because the individual could easily see that I was connected to many of the persons peers by using LinkedIn. If I'm Microsoft "big red flag." Who else should be concerned? TV Producers, Magazine publishers, agencies and any other industry that is not driving equal value of effort to monetary reward.
Transcontinental - ELLE 'Show us your best summer style' Contest, another example of Filemobile's #1 Social Media Platform.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Social Media is here embrace it don't fight it!

I'm fascinated with the humanistic power of social interaction. What is the worst punishment society hands down to our worst criminals in society? Solitary confinement. So the ultimate reward for humans are the freedom of expression. This is what are grand parents fought for in WWII. The web has finally allowed us to express who we are as human beings. We have been suppressed for so long in society we are nervous to step forward. In the corporate world executives are terrified because they are focusing on all the negatives and not the positives of openness, sharing, and most important part of social media are the interactions and expressing your views and thoughts. How else can we improve as human beings without feedback. Now for the first time in our world we can share and express are individuality! Brilliant!

Now go get started by starting your own blog or podcast and share what's on your mind. The more open we are the more reward. Embrace this new world. Should be an amazing journey....