Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let’s stop the participating Ribbons Campaign Once and for All!

In 2004 a study showed by 2050, he says, Chinese will continue its predominance, with Hindi-Urdu of India and Arabic climbing past English, and Spanish nearly equal to it.
Swarthmore College linguist K. David Harrison

Do you know there are more University educated students in India than we have people….Yet North America has the highest ranked Universities…?

What does this mean?

Think about our world today and how we receive information and digest information…..Does it make any sense that we have bricks and mortar schools that have a time schedules set for children to arrive home and work on the farm fields? When was the last time you watched kids mowing lawns and gardening after school…? LOL!

Our system needs to change.

I attended a volleyball tournament for my daughter who is in grade six. When the girl knocked the ball over the net the boy caught it and then tried to mimic a volley…What is going on people? Someone in the crowd shared that this is the new way so the kids have more fun…..? Excuse me? So now we are changing rules to make things easier for our kids…..? If we make things more easier for our kids they will never have a job vs. the rest of the world that have to work for food. What do our children receive when the do anything in school…..A ribbon! What happens to it? Left behind because are schools provide ribbons for showing up or going to the bathroom…..Enough with the ribbon mentality…Wrong! This house league mentality is destroying our children’s ability to compete on a global stage. Do you remember how great it felt when you received that big golden trophy because you gave blood and sweat and earned this trophy? Now we just give them out to everyone……NOT!

When did we sign up to shield our children from learning to win and achieve. Who likes to lose? When we lose we learn so the next time we win. That is our human nature. Why are we teaching our children a fake world of reality? How will this help them in the business/real world? We are now competing for everything on a global level and we know that very soon English will be overtaken by Chinese as the primary language of the world.

I suspect that most of us had to find a job and contribute to the family. I started at 14 and have never stopped. Why do parents these days want to keep their children in a bubble and not have them understand the value of working for a pay cheque?

As parents we must do our part. Like many of us I’m a single father raising my girls half the time. My girls like your children have simple needs. They want to be loved. As a parent can we not fulfill this requirement? Don’t provide a nanny, video games, IPOD, or anything other than your time. Can we all make a pledge right now to do this..?

Lets start becoming involved with our children’s schools and voicing our opinions to move things back on track. We are falling behind everyday to the rest of the world. Start small but everyone needs to be involved if we are going to provide our children with the tools required in this new world!

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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