Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happiness comes from within!

What a world we have in front of us. Especially in North America, free of any wars and the ability to achieve anything we want. The internet allows us to reach global audiences. We have great educational institutions. So why do so many of us feel incomplete or not satisfied/happy?

Every day we are bombarded by media trying to sell us things that have no meaning and do not bring us any happiness. We are trained that we must have big houses and luxury cars because this sends a message to others we are successful. Why do we need to send out messages to others about our success if we are content with ourselves? Think about how many hours you spend each day doing the things you love. If you can’t say more than ½ your day I would say you have a challenge to get this balance right. Don’t make excuses. Do some soul searching and take control of your life. At the end of everyday who really can we trust to be there for us no matter what? For me this would be my family (my daughters) and close friends. Do you really think your current employer cares about you? In some cases you may have a great company that does focus on their employee’s wellness and understand balance in life. This is definitely not the norm these days.

So what can we do to take our life back? Do some soul searching. Think about in your everyday occurrence the people that really touch your soul. What do they do differently that makes them standout from the crowd? From the coffee shop, dry cleaner, gas station. Start focusing on what really matters too you and take everything in moderation. I speak from someone that got lost in what really matters. Fortunately I found my soul mate that has showed by example what life is all about. She spends the majority of her day giving wellness to her clients through exercise. I was focused on the wrong things and I now understand what’s important. We really all know deep down what’s important. Start today reaching out and take your happiness and don’t let anyone get in your way.

To living a fulfilled life, thanks Bobby-Jo for showing me the way.

By Kyle McGuffin

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