Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life as a Soccer Coach in Canada

One of the most rewarding things in our lives to do is teaching. If we have children we are teaching or it maybe your profession. Everyday we learn so someone must be sharing or teaching us something. I was fortunate to play for my country in soccer. It was an amazing experience of dedication hard work perseverance. In the end of my soccer career I received a soccer scholarship and received my Bachelor of Science degree International Business. Both my parents never achieved a University degree so it was quite the honour to achieve this landmark.

When I was in school I developed a soccer camp of excellence for developing potential scholarship players but I also ran camps for kids just wanting to have fun. It was very rewarding. I had the chance to coach in a small US community that had a thirst for the game and paid us to coach seeing the immediate value. I had the opportunity to take a U19 girls team to the state championship final. Very rewarding watching these girls gel and believe in themselves. Now in 2009 I stepped in to coach a U14 girls team in a small town. Once again very rewarding seeing children with no coaching or parents trying their best or may have hidden agendas but making some kind of effort. However, this time an unbelievable sequence of events has unfolded. I have an assistant coach who has no expertise in the game but is a great administrator sending out wild and false accusations about me as a coach, person, and a father. Why do people feel the need to send out mass emails? Is it a form of security so people acknowledge they are OK? Very disruptive and not in the best interest of children who want to learn, develop, and have fun. It's most unfortunate and I wish their family all the best in life.