Monday, November 16, 2009

How do we incorporate Social Media into our daily routine at work?

As an entrepreneur you can start today. As an employee of a company you may have social media tools blocked on your computer. You may have a manager always looking over your should because they do not know what to do. If this is the case you should start a group internally that demonstrates the value of collaboration. It could be a charity event, holiday event. Think about the reasons we congregate at work. Why do we have group meetings? The most basic is the top person in your company wants to share results with the team. It could be shareholder earnings announcements. They may want your support and want to share the challenge in person. For what ever reason group collaboration is always taking place. If it’s not the water cooler it’s some where. It is our human nature to associate with like minded individuals and collaborate. Once you demonstrate the power of group collaboration then you can start adding business content. If you have a major global event /project try a pilot using a fan page on Facebook and or twitter to keep people updated in the group. If you work for a global company this could become very powerful.

The corporate world has been trained to build silos and protect. However if you are the best at what you do how can it be duplicated with out YOU?! Start sharing and see the power of social media. You will have obstacles because this is a new paradigm for business. Your management team has been trained to keep you focused on the task. However, the payoffs are huge and the values of having employees that believe in themselves and know the company appreciates them are the foundations required to prosper in the new paradigm.

Go out there and make a difference. Start small and dream big today!

By Kyle McGuffin

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