Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Internet has reached its 40th birthday! Where has the time gone....?

Can you believe that we have had the World Wide Web for 40 years?

Where has the time gone?

It was in 1969 that ARPANET, (The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), was officially created. It began out of the Cold War rush to demonstrate scientific achievement. The United States department of Defense wanted to bridge scientists and engineers to openly and freely exchange information. So what has changed from 1969?

EVERYTHING….. or maybe not?

Think about our everyday routine…. I do not read a newspaper anymore. I read online with my coffee. Never thought I would give up the paper but it was not that difficult and the ability to share articles with my different communities works great. Also the ability and ease to share comments are brilliant. Not to mention how many trees we take out for the luxury of newspapers. Think about not knowing what a word means or before you meet with someone. Now we use Google! Great tool and allows you great insight to the person you are meeting. As a professional sales person we must respect the time of our customers and we need to be doing our homework. It is an easy and great way to differentiate from all the other sales people that try and make the engagement about their needs…NOT! It’s about knowing what’s on your customers mind and assisting on their challenges and making their day easier. How will you know their latest activities if you do not gather this information? In tough times you must stay focused on your goals and leverage all tools to maximize your success. Focus on giving value to your customers and you will see reciprocal results.

On the flip side if you Google yourself and it does not comeback positive…..FIX IT! Make a statement on line that speaks to the error or explains the blemish. The great news about the web is everything you do is visible. The bad news everything you do is visible.

It’s up to you where you go from here!

Happy googleing!

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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