Saturday, April 24, 2010

A good friend of mine Mike St.Cyr has introduced me to a most ingenious relationship management tool...actually, a very cost effective service and I wanted to share with my network. He did it by sending me an actual creative greeting card that I just had to call and compliment him on. I instantly knew I had to add the service to my offerings for my customers and clients to assist them in gaining a competitive advantage in this global economy.

What a fantastic way to manage your personal and business relationships with resounding impact. Breathe life back into the lost art of the personal touch!

Imagine, from the comfort of any computer, anywhere, anytime, to send a personalized greeting card for under a buck! Not an e-card and not just any card...a professionally printed customized card with your digital images, your own handwriting and signature. Now imagine the power of adding a gift as well!

This solution will save you time, money... and enhance your relationships. It allows you to import your client info, keep track and email reminders to you of important dates, manage direct mail campaigns.

The best way to experience Sendoutcards is to visit and click on "send a free card". Try it and have fun. Please provide feedback and share what you think.

Make it a great weekend!



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