Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marketing has changed drastically over the last couple of years…..For the better!

As I have developed my career in providing consultative solutions for my customers and clients I realize that a shift has happened. For the first time the consumer/customer is driving the ship. For some brands this is a scary vulnerable and uncomfortable position to be in. For others it’s invigorating. I’m leaning towards the later.

Let me share why?

We as consumers have never had so many vehicles to share and interact with our brands and most importantly give our stories good or bad with our favourite brands. We have removed the guessing to speak and hear from the sources on how we want things as consumers. Now we must use these channels to create extraordinary experiences for customers and companies. If we begin to execute on what’s in front of us every one wins! However the key element for these initiatives to be successful everyone must give for the purpose of giving.

Respect comes into play with 2010 marketing where the customer is very informed and in some cases more informed than the brand marketers…..But in this new world that’s okay and should be supported.


It’s all about passion. Let the champion users share their stories.

What’s the most powerful brand message one can have?

A customer sharing on video why they love a product or solution!

So let them share! The media vehicles are in place. On the other end of the spectrum if your community thinks the product or solution sucks embrace their feedback and learn from their comments and rebuild. What an amazing world where we can have constant engagement with our loyal followers.

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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