Thursday, April 15, 2010

How are you GIVING back to society?

We know that life has laws. We know that achievement has laws. If you ask anyone that achieved a goal in life how did you do it? They will usually share; hard work, determination, goals, vision, many failures and the most important an attitude that failing to achieve the goal is not an option. It’s our choice. At some point in our lives we realize that we must fail to achieve. I know that I have done my share of failures and will do many more.

In order for you to achieve you must focus on doing something truly remarkable and better than anyone else. If it was easy to do everyone would do it. The most difficult part is getting back on the horse and staying focused on your goal. Every one of us has overcome a hurdle in life and achieved. We are all capable of achieving a goal or dream in our lives and the day you believe this will be the day that you will never look back to the fears in your own life.

To prove this concept I’m writing a book following the laws of success and incorporating these social media technologies to reach as many people in the world as possible. I plan on demonstrating the concept and prove the power of social media can expedite your success if used correctly. If I know the outcome because I will be applying the formula of success and failure is not an option I will succeed. As I type this blog I sit in my house with a beautiful view of a great sunny day. I had breakfast with my daughter and made her lunch. I have been working on my mission in life over the last two years knowing and believing in my purpose and quest in life are to help others by giving. I know that anything can be achieved if you focus on your goal(s) every day. Each to their own but I keep my goals written down on piece of paper in my wallet. The famous Ernest Nightingale the pioneer of achievement provided me this tip. You can get his CD record recording any where. Highly recommend listening too it. I keep mine in the car so when I have a set back I play it to keep me focused on my goals. He provided a 30 day test. Start yours today.

I have seen a need in this world for vision and clarity and most importantly focus. In the old days most of our parents and grandparents went to church but now most of us do not attend. (Statistical #’s only) We really have no governing body other than our criminal laws for our actions and the powers of the universe that we as humans have not uncovered but something else is out there spiritually. This is where many people’s spirituality or religious belief fulfills. Let me give you an example. How many times have you picked up the phone and the person you were thinking about is on the other line? Sometimes it has not even rung….LOL! I know this has happened too you… chance, fate, or destiny?

For me focus meant having a goal of playing soccer and my desire to play for my country in the Jr. World Cup and then a desire and focus to have a soccer scholarship and always wanting to be the best player I could be. Three knee surgeries later focused on academics and building a network of great people that I could call upon to drive value. My focus on these goals caused me to achieve. It was not until 2006 and I had a near death car accident that really made me reflect to who I was and where I was going. I will never forget hugging my girls when I got home from the hospital and not wanting to let them go. I realized that the powers above were giving me a warning that I was not on the right path. My focus or path was financial only. WRONG! What if I died that day? What would have happened to my girls? I was being selfish in thinking that climbing a corporate tower and making more money and spending less time with my family was the goal of life to achieve that financial freedom we see presented around us every day. Let me share you a secret that nearly cost me my life and my daughters their father…..MONEY is not what life is about. GIVING is what life’s all about. Fortunately I have uncovered this belief now in my thirties. I have plenty of time on this planet to make things happen and pass off to my children and next generations to come and know the mission will continue on. The bible teaches us about giving and Jesus giving (the ultimate sacrifice one can give) his life for civilization. What about all the soldiers fighting for their countries right now sacrificing their lives some where in the world for all of us? What about all the men and women that place themselves in danger every day for our safety and protection? These are the ultimate sacrifices. No strings just pure giving. Next time you see a man or lady in uniform say thanks! Just a little thank you can go along way!

Now I want to change my direction and dedicate my life to helping others. This is why I’m writing a book to share my findings that many of you already know. We only receive what we give. If we don’t contribute to society or an association we will not receive anything from the experience. This is another law of the Universe that cannot be broken.

The web turned 40 this year and we have now uncovered some true powers of this global information highway that nobody owns. Now with a click of the button we can share information with our community that does not have to be truthful or real but because we feel it should be shared? Notice the “Truthful” word. Be careful lots of chatter and it’s important for us as individuals and as companies to ask ourselves where this information came from and if this is a credible source. We have social media tools and applications at are finger tips. Now we must make a decision to what we do with these tools. Some people want to bring in the regulators because that’s what we are used too. Always people telling us what we can or can not do. What if the world has changed now and we know right from wrong and we do not want regulatory agencies telling us what we can and can not do. Why do we want regulators? Now we are always just a click away from sending a message/tweet to millions of people all over the world. In life we always have a choice and history repeats itself so we know some people will use this new power to bring greatness and touch many people’s lives. We will have criminals that will try and cheat our universe and end up back behind bars or on the run. Let’s focus on the positive. We have never been in such a great position to truly achieve greatness in what ever we want in our own lives by giving to fellow citizens. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine if we could have families register in a system on line that would notify the world that they need some type of assistance and immediately we could assist. The Web has allowed us to do this. Why don’t we do this today? Take action today and start something in your community that involves giving to the less fortunate by leveraging the power of these new tools to reach others. We must start some where and it’s up to us to carry the torch forward and GIVE!

By Kyle McGuffin

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