Sunday, April 18, 2010

How does Social Media fit into our lives from a business and personal world?

Since we have known of our existence we have longed for where do we come from? Two basic camps one God created everything and the other scientific “Big Bang Theory” and we moved on…. Either way we have learned to work together for remarkable achievements that have advanced our society to unheralded accomplishments. On the other side we have these strange challenges like Cancer that no matter how much money we give to this cause we are not smart enough to uncover a cure. Some people believe that we are but all the money pouring into our pharmaceutical industry would stop so cures will never be provided for all things. Does this statement contradict the concept of giving?

As human beings we know we have some physical, mental, and psychological limitations. If mastered and understood could be manipulated and taken advantage of. One of the largest countries in the world has this channel called CNN that is a leader in propaganda and I witnessed this first hand attend attending University on a scholarship as the Desert Storm war was going on. The US (CNN) talked only about successes but the rest of the world was not given this sugar coated view…..


Can we believe what we hear, view, listen too?

We trust certain sources but do we trust media empires that make their money from advertisements that want us to be certain things that satisfy a product or service.

Do you think companies like Proctor and Gamble care about our health or about making money for their shareholders?

I hope both…..Let me give you an example of an ad that is running today. Fusion razor blades providing a man’s face or a woman’s leg with 5 blades to give us the best shave a person can have….PERFECT!.....WRONG!

P&G reached a limitation that was not thought out…The blade is so good a person can use it for ever without having to buy more.

What does P&G do?

They introduce a strip that once worn means you need a new blade.

Why do we trust companies so much with are well being?

We throw it out and back to the store we go. Around and around we go. People we must stop these predictable behaviours to take control of the propaganda advertisement that fuels the best paid industry on our planet….ENTERTAINMENT!

We have ambulance workers making next to nothing that save lives every day and we pay someone that makes us laugh on TV Millions and Billions?


Millions of us watch these shows and the money flows down to the reasons why we watch.


Not exactly….Advertisers pay to get in front of us while we watch the shows. (Most extreme Super Bowl)

How can we end this vicious cycle?

Stop watching TV and the industry busts….Or find a new way to watch TV like internet TV.

Who owns the internet?

Web TV is already here and will take over very soon.


Cable companies have been gauging us for years on a fixed cost infrastructure and now we are fed up with the low quality service and no value programming that has been dictated to us for years.

So now what?

Cable companies will suffer and they should for not keeping up to provide us with value we deserve.

Have we seen this before?

Can you say……..newspapers!? My youngest daughter will never read one and she has never typed a formal letter….Loves to read books but will learn these new ways to be informed and in this world she will be in control of what information she chooses to be pushed to her reader.

Reading the newspaper is not dead just the vehicle of buying a tree to read yesterdays news and throw away is! Especially when the same content can be read online and shared with all your colleagues and friends on all your social media choices. I can share my own experience on this topic. I was that avid newspaper reader that never thought I would give up the morning paper to read yesterdays news…..But I have and enjoy the experience even more now online so I can share with my different communities.

We no longer accept yesterday news so we know newspaper and publication business will change or they are dead…….we want everything right now!

Who can wait a day for the information?

We want instantaneous in everything…..Weight Loss, Relationships, and Money. We have no time to wait.

Who do we talk too when we want to make a major purchase?

We share with our closest circle of family and friends. Now we have our loyal network of connections, friends, followers, just a click away so use them! Let’s take control of our lives one day at a time.

The power is yours!

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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