Friday, March 12, 2010

Where are we going with Social Media?

Does the formula for a successful relationship change with or without social media?

I think the answer is no.

If you agree, then we know where this is going!

We are developing relationships to levels that we have never seen before. Why?

We never had this 40 year old web infrastructure that never sleeps. Once you get to this type of relationship everyone wants to participate to fulfill their personal needs and the community needs. Think about your last major purchase. Why did you buy?




How were you influenced to feel good about the purchase?

Check with friends or family?

Somewhere in the process you accepted that the price was worth the value and bought into the product or community. That is a form of commitment. Since you have now made an investment in the community you may want to participate. Why? You have time and money invested and now you have an opportunity to add your mark/flavor. This last point is why social media has just begun.

What is happening in the corporate world?

What is the morale of a typical employee?

Do they feel appreciated?
Does the company show their appreciation?

How’s the relationship today between employers and employees?

Using social media channels corporations can begin to repair the damage going on with the gap between executives and entry level workers. The closer we can bring CEO’s to employers the better the products/services will become for our customers/community.

By Kyle McGuffin

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