Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making a difference one day at time!

Today I want to discuss our education system. Found a great article written by Barbara Pytel back in 2006. Let’s start making changes to truly make our planet a better place for our friends and families.

Best Time of Day to Learn
Worst and Best Times of the Day
Aug 5, 2006 Barbara Pytel

Dunn and Dunn research has found the best time of day for learning. The results are surprising. Prime time for learning in our population is not 8:30-3:30 p.m.

Dunn and Dunn has learned that optimal times for learning fall into four categories.
• 30% of the population learned best in the morning hours. These people are the ones that wake up and are ready to absorb new information.
• 30% of the population learns best in the afternoon. They come to life after lunch.
• 30% of the population learns best in the evening. We refer to them as "night owls."
• 10% show no preference. They seem to learn whenever it is necessary to learn.

So, in the morning there is a possibility of 40% of the students at their peak. In the afternoon, 40%. That leaves a possibility of 40% of students learning best when school is no longer in session. So, the long standing opinion that reading and math must be taught in the morning may not be valid.

Student Energy vs. Teacher Energy
Dunn and Dunn also learned that student energy is highest right after lunch. Good to know. However, teacher energy is lowest after lunch. This combination results in active students with tired teachers. Statistics show that discipline problems are the greatest immediately after lunch.
As students learn which time is best for them, they can utilize that time for optimal gain. Students that know they are night owls, may do the bulk of homework at that time. Afternoon students should probably study when they get home from school. Morning students are the ones that can get up an hour early and review information one more time before a test.

Read more at Suite101: Best Time of Day to Learn: Worst and Best Times of the Day

If the future is our children would it make sense to assess each child and create a program for each child’s ability to learn?

So why do we keep this ancient educational program going with the same times that worked for farmers to have their children work in the fields after school? Last I checked none of are kids are working in the fields? Let’s start making changes that make our planet a better place to live.

By Kyle McGuffin

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