Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Change is happening right before our eyes and the web is changing everything!

Can you imagine a world where we do not guess or hope on anything? A world where we can monitor and measure everything? Guess what? We live in this new world and it’s from the 40 year old internet called the World Wide Web. Accountability and Relevant Content is KING!

What does this mean?

Everything is quantifiable. No more spending 5.4B on R&D and hope that someone buys your product! What a waste of money! We all have the power and the tools to measure everything.

Why have we not started doing this? Mediocrity? Fear of change?

Let’s get started today! Let’s start a new and amazing revolution leveraging all our internet powers and customer thoughts and comments to make something and everything truly remarkable.

Below is the link to Avinash’s blog post. The challenge has been made by Arvinash. Bring this post to your superiors and ask if your company is taking advantage of what is in front of you? Let’s all achieve our goals and dreams!

Stay tuned to a June 8th major announcement from BayStreetSolutions.NET


Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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