Friday, May 7, 2010

Social Media is here to stay!

So now what!

Don’t panic but embrace a new channel in your existing business plan that will enable your customers, clients, opportunities to share. Can you imagine a world where we don’t guess but listen and provide exactly what our customers want? Your business plan and your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have not changed. But how you go-to market has changed drastically!

The new way is to IDENTIFY your target market and LISTEN to what the community’s saying. ENGAGE once you have value to offer but don’t sell…..SHARE your content and ask if this is what your clients want! They will tell you! Our job is to make sure our message and brand is crisp and easily understood.

This is how we do business in 2010!

Now we have empowered the customers with the ability to navigate the web and make their own decisions based on their research that includes our core network of friends and family. What a concept!

So now what?

If you have a product or service you should be thinking about packaging your content in a way that stands out on a global stage. Facebook is a channel for your product or service. That’s a great thing! Soon you will see purchases being made on Facebook and Levis is already there with the ability to see your friend’s comments about the products.

What if you don’t adjust to the new world?

Do you think you will be in business for the next 5 years?

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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