Monday, February 15, 2010

Proud to be Canadian!

Do you believe? What an incredible site in bringing a nation together. If you have a pulse you must feel the Olympic air and the tingle of a country coming together to celebrate the Olympics and national unity. We have our first gold and now we are inspired to achieve more than ever. What an incredible event that makes us realize the importance of dreams and goals. When you focus and set your mind on anything it can be achieved. Please stay focused on your goals and let these Olympics inspire you to never give up. Always focus on the positive.

Let’s bond as fellow citizens and cherish an event that brings global unity and peace. As a person that had an opportunity to represent our country it is a proud moment to be Canadian and share these national unity feelings with my daughters! Share these amazing days with your family and feel the Olympic energy and let it power you to your goal achievements.

Go Canada Go!

Make it a great day!

By Kyle McGuffin

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