Thursday, September 24, 2009
September 24, 2009

The Top Six Reasons Companies are Still Scared of Social Media
McLuhan, Socrates and Edith Wharton On Social Media
Death by Social Media
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Case Study and ROI of a Twitter Engagement

Top 6 Reasons Companies are Still Scared of Social Media
With nearly 5,000 views at this writing, B.L. Ochman's (whatsnextblog) post clearly captured the curiosity of the SMT audience. In it, Ochman reveals the top excuses given by companies who avoid social media like the swine flu. For example: "Haters will damage our brand." To which Ochman responds: "Well, there may be things you need to change about your brand, and in that case, you should thank them for letting you know what they are. Then you should make changes." If you're still on the social media fence—or dealing with a client who is—this is a must-read. Read it now.

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